Sales and Marketing

Marketing of CPO and Its Derivative Products

Since 2014, The Company has started to market CPO derivative products such as RBDPO, Olein, Stearin, and PFAD. While most CPO products serve the domestic market, most palm oil derivative products processed by the Company are earmarked to meet the demands of the export market.  Export destinations were among others are the Philippines, China, South Korea, and India.

In 2016, the Company's CPO sales volume was 1,013,965 tons showing a decline by 2.68% compared to the previous year. Kernel sales was 275,812 tons representing a decline of 17.4%. This decline in CPO sales occurred in line with the decline in CPO production. Therefore, throughout 2016, the Company's Olein sales decreased by 22.4% compared to 2015, reaching a volume of 319,950 tons.

Meanwhile, the sales volume of other oil palm derivative products to the end of the year, total RBDPO sales reached 114,826 tons, Stearin sales reached 81,620 tons, and total PFAD sales was 26,469 tons. The Company's total sales of oil palm derivative products at the end of 2016 reached 542,866 tons.

The market for CPO and other oil palm derivative products remains huge. During 2016, countries like Pakistan, the Philippines, and South Korea continue to show a positive trend in their demand for oil palm derivative products, which are commonly used as the raw materials of end consumer goods. In addition, the implementation of the Government's mandatory biodiesel program will further boost the CPO market demand, especially in the domestic market.

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